My Hafele oven is creating water/moisture which is dripping from the door. How do i fix this?

Modern day fan-forced ovens use a cooling fan to circulate air within the door and glass panels and also takes vapours within the oven and returns them into the kitchen. This cooling fan draws air from the rear of your oven and hence the ventilation within your oven cabinet is critical to avoid condensation build-up.

Your oven user manual goes into detail about the required ventilation within your oven cabinetry and there should be a cut-out within the shelf that your oven sits on as well as within the cabinet itself to allow cool air to flow from underneath your cabinets (or from above when used within an oven tower). We suggest having your cabinet maker or installer check that their installation is correct and as per the user manual, as should any Service Call find incorrect installation, a call-out fee would be payable.

Other considerations for causes of condensation and steam:

- the type of food you are cooking. For example, roasts do tend to produce more steam due to the juices and water content within the food. The cookware you are using can also dramatically contribute to or reduce the volume of steam produced.

- your oven door seal may not be correctly installed. Check to ensure the door is sealing properly and that your door hinges are aligned correctly.

- your ambient room temperature can dramatically effect the condensation within your oven. It is widely recommended to have your kitchen at at least 21*C whilst cooking with a fan-forced oven, as this will help minimise condensation on your oven door. Colder rooms will increase condensation forming on the oven door, as the hot air from the oven collides with the cold surface of the glass.


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