The burner flames on my Häfele gas cooktop are low or yellow to start. How do i fix this?

This issue is normally resolved through some basic maintenance or relates to an installation error. 

Please check the following:

– That there are no kinks in the gas line or flexi hose. 

– That the cooktop has been installed and assembled correctly with the burners sitting correctly within their housing and that the burner cap is sitting flat. 

– The burner parts (such as the gas jets) are not blocked with water or another substance. Past boilovers can leave residue and grime and require cleaning the burners.

– If connected to a gas bottle, this are not running low. Check and refill if required. 

– The gas pressure is set at the correct level. 

– That all burners are experiencing the same fault, or whether it is isolated to one burner. Flame heights might require adjusting.

Please contact your qualified installer or our Customer Care team on 1300 33 4357 for advice. 


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