The burner/flame will not stay alight on my Häfele gas cooktop. How do i fix this?

Please note... 

– All current model gas cooktops are fitted with Flame Failure Safety Device. This cuts the gas when no heat is detected, and may not have been activated. Hint: Hold down the knob for five seconds when lighting a burner to ensure it is properly engaged. 

Please check... 

– The thermocouple needles are clean and free from grime. An old toothbrush can be helpful in cleaning around the thermocouple.

– The thermocouple needles are sitting in their correct position and within range of each burner. 

– During installation the installer should adjust the flame heights according to your gas pressure. If the flame heights aren't set correctly, it won't reach the thermocouple and turn off the safety cut off. We suggest requesting your installer to re-attend to adjust your flame heights.


Alternatively, please contact our Customer Care team on 1300 11 4357 or via email for further assistance.

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