My InAlto Top Load Washing Machine is not draining as expecting or displaying an error code. How can i fix this?

Your user manual covers these cleaning steps in greater detail. If you have misplaced your user manual, you can download the latest copy for your top load washing machine model from this website- just search for your model above with the words "user manual".

Steps to try to resolve your drainage problem.

  1. Ensure the drain hose is clear and not kinked. It also must be below 860mm at all times, otherwise the pump will not have the pressure to expel the water.
  2. Clean the filter located within the drum, behind the plastic filter cover.
  3. Clean the filter within the drain pump. This is located at the bottom of your top load washing machine, accessible from the rear (shown below- the round black tube with the handle to the left of the magnifying glass symbol). This filter can be un-screwed in an anti-clockwise direction and pulled outwards from its housing. It's likely that a foreign object such as a bobby pin, coin or other small object has become lodged in this filter and stopping the machine from draining. This filter should be checked and cleared after every 10 or so loads to prevent drainage issues.

Hopefully this helps to resolve your issue, but if not, please don't hesitate to get in contact with our Customer Care team for further assistance.


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