My InAlto Gas Cooktop burner won't stay alight. How can i fix this?

There is nothing more frustrating than a cooktop burner that won't stay alight or cuts off during use- however the good news is that this issue is normally very easily fixed.

The first question relates to how new your cooktop is...

Brand new cooktops

If this is a brand new cooktop and you are experiencing this fault straight after installation, you will need to contact your installer and have them return to fix their installation. Part of the installation process with all gas cooktops involves the adjustment of the flame heights for each burner, according to your gas pressure. The installer uses a small screw driver tool to adjust the gas flow for each burner (the adjustment nut is located down the shaft of each knob). When the flame height is not set correctly, the flame failure safety device won't register that the flame is alight and so it's cutting off the gas as a safety precaution. Your installer should be able to fix this very quickly.

Existing cooktops

Most common gas cooktop problems can be easily fixed with a little TLC. Here are five common problems your cooktop might be experiencing and their most common solutions.


Problem 1: The gas burner won’t light.

Solution: If the flame just won’t light on your gas cooktop, there could be a few things going wrong. First, make note of what happens when you try to light the burner. Normally, you should hear a clicking noise and be able to smell gas coming out of the valves. If you hear the click but don’t smell anything, the problem is likely with the gas flow. If you smell gas but don’t hear any clicking, the issue could lie with the ignition switch.

1. Turn the appliance off and unplug it if you can, then remove the trivets, burner and burner cap. We suggest putting the burner and burner cap into the sink with some hot water, to break down any food residue blocking the burner.

Tip! For a really thorough clean, you can drop a dishwasher tablet into the sink with your burners and burner caps. This will dissolve and help to breakdown the food residue.

2. With the burners removed, use a cloth to clean the burner housing within the cooktop, thoroughly drying afterwards.

3. Use a small brush, such as a toothbrush to give the area around the ignitor and flame failure device a good clean.

4. Dry your burners and burner caps and re-install onto your cooktop. Ensure that they are assembled and sitting correctly.

5. Replace your trivets.

6. Reconnect your cooktop and try lighting the burners.

If that doesn’t solve it, you may need a new igniter or some work on your gas connection. Please contact our customer care team via email or via phone 1300 11 4357 for further assistance. It is important to try this basic troubleshooting though as it would solve this issue on most occasions. Should we organise a Service Technician to attend and they find the issue relates to the burners not being clean, a service fee would be payable, hence we want to avoid this wherever possible.


Problem 2: The Gas burner is heating slowly, flames are not coming out evenly or the flame height is too low.

Solution: If you have a gas cooktop, this issue could be due to the burner openings being clogged with debris, leaving the flames small and weak. This can be pretty easily fixed by giving your whole stove top a thorough clean. Follow the steps above in Problem 1.

Another solution may be to have the flame heights (or gas flow) adjusted to the relevant burner. This "setting" of heights should be done at the time of installation and is not a warranty related issue. Your local appliance technician or plumber, should be able to assist you with this easy adjustment. Alternatively, our Customer Care team can provide you with some contact details for local service technicians who can assist further.

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