Is ducting included with the NikolaTesla Aspirating Cooktops?

The recirculating (or Filtered) versions of the NikolaTesla cooktops are supplied with all required ducting components for a typical installation. This includes the decorative vent to be cut into your kitchen kickboard.

The duct-out (or Aspirating) versions do not come with ducting as the installation options are quite varied. Your installer will be able to supply the relevant ducting to suit your required installation. 

Recirculating (Filtered) models:

  • NIKOLATESLAFLBL/F/88 - NikolaTesla Flame
  • NIKOLATESLABL/F/83 - NikolaTesla One
  • NIKOLATESLAHPBL/F/83 - NikolaTesla One High Powered
  • NIKOLATESLAPRBL/F/83 - NikolaTesla Prime
  • NIKOLATESLASWBL/F/83 - NikolaTesla Switch Black
  • NIKOLATESLASWWH/F/83 - NikolaTesla Switch White

Recirculating (Aspirating) models:

  • NIKOLATESLAFLBL/A/88 - NikolaTesla Flame
  • NIKOLATESLABL/A/83 - NikolaTesla One
  • NIKOLATESLAHPBL/A/83 - NikolaTesla One High Powered
  • NIKOLATESLAPRBL/A/83 - NikolaTesla Prime
  • NIKOLATESLASWBL/A/83 - NikolaTesla Switch Black
  • NIKOLATESLASWWH/A/83 - NikolaTesla Switch White

Residentia Group do have a range of ducting and accessories available for purchase separately; common accessories are listed below for reference:



KIT0121008 - 150mm Round to 227mm x 94mm Rectangle Adapter

KIT0121001 - 227mm x 94mm Rectangle Joint (80mm)

KIT0121003 - 150mm Round Joint (158mm)



KIT0121005 - 227mm x 94mm Rectangle 90* Bend

KIT0121004 - 227mm x 94mm Rectangle 90* Horizontal Bend

KIT0121006 - 150mm Round 90* Bend


Rigid Ducting:

KIT0121012 - 227mm x 94mm Rectangle Ducting Pipe (500mm length)

KIT0120991 - 222mm x 89mm Rectangle Ducting Pipe (1000mm length)

KIT0121000 - 150mm Round Ducting Pipe (1000mm length)


Flexible Ducting:

KIT0121017 - 227mm x 94mm Flexible Rectangle Ducting Pipe (500mm length)


For pricing or orders on any of these ducting accessories, please contact our Spare Parts division by email or by calling 1300 11 4357.

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