An indicator light is flashing. Should i call the Elica service team?

Most of Elica products are equipped with a signalling system for filter saturation (40 hours of use for grease filters and 160 hours of use for charcoal filters). When the alarm is activated (flashing LED) it is necessary to clean the filters and perform the reset as described in the instruction manual. If you perform the cleaning and you do not perform the reset, the push button panel will continue emitting the signalling. In this case it is recommended to consult the instruction booklet perform the reset.

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  • Hi. Ive changed the charcoal filter, pressed the appropriate button to reset, but 1 is still flashing?!

  • Hi Charles, Please contact our customer care team with some more information- in particular your Elica model code. You can reach out via phone 1300 11 4357, or email Thanks.


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