What options do Elica have in terms of Remote Motor rangehoods?

Today, Elica's remote motor rangehoods are limited to our downdraft ranges (i.e. Pandora GME, Adagio GME and GETUP) and some of our Undermount rangehoods (Lane GME).

The remote motor versions are identified by the "GME" within the model code and the remote motor needs to be purchased separately to the rangehood. 

You can view the Remote Motor Downdraft rangehoods here:

Pandora: https://shop.elica.com.au/rangehoods/pandora-downdraft-rangehood

Adagio: https://shop.elica.com.au/rangehoods/adagio-downdraft-rangehood

GetUp: https://elica.com/IT-en/hoods/downdraft/getup 


You can view the Remote Motor Undermount rangehoods here:

Lane GME


In terms of the Remote Motors themselves, Elica offer two options. GME88 or GME22. GME88 is designed for use in a protected environment (i.e. within your sub-floor or within the ceiling cavity), whereas the GME22 is designed to be located outside your home (i.e. under your eaves).

You can view the two Remote Motor options here:


The advantages of the remote motor versions are:

- Quieter during operation. The motor sits externally to the home or within the roof or sub-floor, meaning its very quiet during operation.

- Higher extraction rate. The remote motors Elica offer provide a higher extraction rate, allowing for more air movement and more effective extraction of air. The GME22 offers a powerful 1420 m3/hr extraction, whilst the GME88 offers 1495m3/hr.

- More space within your kitchen cabinetry. Given the motor is relocated outside of your kitchen cabinetry, you have more space within your kitchen cabinetry itself, which may allow for deeper drawers as an example.

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