What are the height guidelines for installation of Elica ceiling mounted rangehoods?

For optimal performance the maximum suggested height is 270 cm from the ground (or up to 300 cm for models with a remote motor).

Other key considerations for optimal performance:

  • The ceiling hood dimension should be greater than the cooktop dimension.
  • Hood position centred above hob.
  • False ceiling width should be at least 50cm in width on each side of the ceiling rangehood.
  • Max suggested length of the duct from hood to exit 7 m linear without bends. Reduce this by 1m for each bend used.
  • Every join within the ducting should be sealed by adhesive duct tape.
  • Connect the hood to pipes and wall outlet holes with diameter/section equivalent to the hood outlet.
  • Avoid "S" bends with the flexible pipe to avoid loss of efficiency and increased noise.
  • The air recirculation outlet of the recycling versions must be at least 130cm from the cooktop and at least 100 cm from walls or any other architectural barrier.

H30 models exit: circular with 15 cm diameter, convertibile into rectangular 9x22 cm.

H16 models exit: rectangular 9x22 cm, covertibile into circular 15 cm diameter.

Remote motor models exit: rectangular 9x22 cm to be converted into circular 15 cm diameter for the connection to the remote motor; in this case, for the correct installation, is always necessary to order a rectangular-round converter.


For kitchens with an air volume > 75 m3 we recommend using a model with remote motor. For kitchens below 75 m3 volume the models with onboard motor included are sufficient.

Where ducting length is required to be greater than 7 lineal meters (without bends) we recommend using a remote motor version.

When to use a false ceiling?

For all ceiling rangehood models (except for Lullaby Recycling version), we recommend false ceilings are used to improve the effectiveness of the rangehood.


What is the recommended height for the false ceiling?

For remote motor versions, the false ceiling height should be >30.2 cm.

Lullaby with a remote motor can be >16cm and < 50cm.


What are the location options for the ducting outlets on the ceiling rangehoods?

The user manuals provide all relevant details on the ducting options, however the Lullaby can be ducted from the top or via the 2 short sides of the rangehood.



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