My RGX Robot Vacuum isn't running as expected or moving in circles... How can i fix this?

Your RGX Robot Vacuum moving in circles suggests one of two problems- either a mechanical movement issue or the more common is an issue with its sensors. This problem is typically resolved through troubleshooting though!

The following troubleshooting steps can be completed in any particular order.

Step 1: Place your RGX Robot Vacuum Cleaner on a clean section of the floor where there are no obstacles nearby. Set it for a basic cleaning run in this section for a few minutes. If the RGX Robot Vacuum operates as it should, then it was probably getting confused by more complicated furniture arrangements (sometimes you have to clean under furniture manually). You can also set a “No Go” area on your map within the MSmartHome App.

Step 2: Flip the RGX over. Examine its' bumpers closely to make sure there is no debris stuck inside them (ie. dirt, a small rock, tape, etc). If debris is wedged inside a bumper, carefully pick it out, or tap your RGX over a trash bin to release any unwanted particles. When the bumpers are clean and you are sure they are properly aligned and undamaged, try using the RGX again. Depress all bumpers to ensure they are able to move freely and spring back into position.

Step 3: Test each wheel on your RGX to ensure they are all spinning smoothly. If debris was caught near a wheel, it could have stopped moving, which means the other wheels would start spinning the RGX in tight circles.

If you’ve cleaned out the debris but a wheel is still stuck, you may need to do a more thorough cleaning. Typically, you can remove wheels for a thorough cleaning if necessary, but you may need to take your Vacuum to a service centre for assistance.

Step 4: Carefully clean all the sensors. If the RGX advanced sensors get dusty or dirty, they may start to recognise obstacles where none exist. This may be especially true of cliff sensors, which keep the Roomba away from stairs, etc. With a soft cloth, carefully clean the entire RGX, paying close attention to the sensor sections.

Step 5: Sometimes the mapping for your RGX Vacuum may become confused, particularly if the charging base of the vacuum has been relocated at some stage. Open your MSmartHome App and select your RGX Vacuum Cleaner within the devices. Click on the ‘Map Album’ section and then click the three small dots button (shown below) and then Delete each of the saved maps (including the Current Map). You can then click the “Create New Map” button to have your Robot Vacuum start re-mapping your home.



Step 6: Factory Reset- we suggest this is the last troubleshooting step to try. Place your RGX Robot Vacuum onto its charging base and ensure the vacuum is fully charged. Open it’s lid and insert a paper clip/pencil/skewer into the Reset hole, pressing down the reset button for 5 seconds before releasing. Your robot vacuum will make its start-up tone. You can then setup the device as new.

You can also perform a factory reset from within your MSmartHome App. Select your robot vacuum from your devices and then click the three dot button in the top right corner to open the menu of options. Here you will find an option at the bottom called “Reset to Factory Settings”, click this and follow the steps.

Do you have very dark carpet or wood flooring? A surface that’s nearly black can cause trouble with a Robot Vacuum’s sensors: They may read the blackness as a cliff and try to back away from it, leading the RGX in circles. There’s not much to be done about this problem. The RGX Robot Vacuum may need to avoid dark areas when cleaning to make sure it works right- you can setup ‘No Go’ zones within your MSmartHome App, under the Mapping section.

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