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Registering your product with us has many benefits and enables us to better service you should you need assistance in the future. Please click on the link relevant to your product below.

Elica Product Registration

Esatto Product Registration

Inalto Product Registration

Solt Product Registration

Teka Product Registration

Häfele/Milano Product Registration


Please note, we do not currently take product registrations for Harbour branded products. Please retain your proof of purchase- we suggest attaching within the rear of your product user manual.

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  • Where is the form to register a SOLT product


  • How do I register my solt washing machine

  • Hi i need to register my HARBOUR wine cooler where do I do this??

  • Why is it not an option to register  solt appliances? 

    Why is there barely any useful troubling shooting information on here and absolutely NO INFORMATION FOR SOLT TOP LOAD WASHING MACHINES?!

  • How do I register Ellica products?

  • is there a location where registrations can be seen - I have registered a lot of products.


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