How do I improve the drying of dishes within my Esatto dishwasher?

Most dishwashers don't feature a drying program and use the heat generated whilst washing to dry their contents after completing a wash cycle; this includes the range of Esatto Dishwashers (EDW6W, EDW6SL, EDW6S, EDW6CS, EDW7S, EDW7W and EDW7CS).

There are a few tips which can assist with the drying process however:

  • Always ensure your dishwasher has Rinse Aid. The Rinse Aid indicator will let you know when it's empty and requires filling. Residentia recommends any of the mainstream Rinse Aid brands available from your local super-market.
  • At completion of your wash cycle, simply open the door so that it is slightly ajar. This allows the steam to escape and will assist with your drying performance.


Please refer to your Esatto Dishwasher user manual for more tips on how to improve drying performance.

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